Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Gifts that will Knock Their Socks Off

There are so many teachers who give so much, going above and beyond to make sure their students learn and love learning--and are happy at the same time.  I love giving truly meaningful gifts to those special people, beyond flowers or a gift card that will be gone and forgotten in no time.

With a little planning, you can give teacher appreciation gifts that will knock their socks off!

I've been thinking lately about what kind of teacher appreciation gifts might fit the bill this year.  For quite a few years now, I've created gifts using Heritage Makers because they're so personal, and many times I spend less than I would on flowers or a gift card.

When my kids were in elementary school, we gave their teachers little books.  You can {see a few of them here}, page by page.  I would have my kids help me write the books--they would write something they loved about the teacher, something they learned in class, something they improved at with the teacher's help, etc.  We sprinkled some photos in, too.  We LOVED giving those books to those special teachers because we knew they really showed the depth of our appreciation, and we knew they would be cherished for years.

Now that my kids are older, my mind keeps going back to the gifts I made for their teachers more recently:  personalized candy bar wraps and notepads.  I'm thinking this might be just the thing this year, too.

The candy bar wraps (underneath the scissors there) are nothing more than a 12x12 scrapbook page from Heritage Makers, printed on lite paper so that it's easily wrapped around a Hershey bar (after it's cut).  You can make four wraps from one page.

You can always create your own design from scratch using the thousands of pieces of (included) digital art, or you can use templates like these:
I know those last two aren't school-themed, but you can always edit any Heritage Makers template 100% so you'll get just what you want.  (Or click the "contact me" tab at the upper left if you want me to send these candy bar wraps that I made to you--I can transfer them from my Heritage Makers account to yours!  Then you just personalize.)

Then I made matching notepads, to go along with the candy bars!  They come in a set of 4, and each one can be a different style or name. Here's a fun school-themed notepad set.  Click on each of the 4 thumbnails underneath so you can see each of the 4 notepads included in that template.
I really love how personal these are!

Creating anything using Heritage Makers means you create it digitally online (like you would in programs such as Canva or Publisher) and then submit it for publishing with Heritage Makers.  It's shipped to you in about 7-10 days.  

I actually made you a little tutorial video about how to make notepads, so you can see it for yourself!  

You can learn about sizes and product specifications (like how many papers per pad) plus learn how to quickly personalize a template in the first 22 minutes or so.  Stick around another 15 minutes and you'll see how to create notepads from scratch--the sky is the limit!

Just follow the video or {these steps} to start creating something those special teachers in your life will always remember!

Then Pin this for next year!  :) 


  1. This is such a cute idea! I LOVE it!

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday!

    1. Thanks, Shiree. These are so much fun to give! I just got my published notepads and scrap pages in the mail last week, so now I need to cut out the scrap pages and wrap them around Hershey bars and I'm set! :) Thanks for stopping by.


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