Tuesday, May 22, 2018

guest post: Women Who Rock

Do you know any women who rock?  This year Dr. Ruxandra LeMay started an inspiring series on her blog looking at women of influence.  (If you are a woman, you are a woman of influence--trust me!)  I "met" Dr. LeMay through a bloggers Facebook group, and I was so honored when she asked to interview me for her series!

I talk about stepping outside your comfort zone, motherhood, running with YOUR strengths, balancing responsibilities, why being over 40 is great, and why pictures and memories really matter--basically what I've learned from life and business!

I hope this article is inspiring to many women in many stages of life!  I hope you find some great nuggets from it that you can use every day.  Enjoy!  You can find the article here:


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  1. Very Cool! I love how you said, "If you are a woman, you are a woman of influence." This is so true!

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday! :)


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