Thursday, September 6, 2018

What a Digi-Crop Can Do for Your Pictures

Do you have lots of pictures you've been meaning to do something with?  A digi-crop can help you turn your good intentions into something real!  If you're struggling to find time to do something with your pictures, try a digi-crop!

So what IS a digi-crop and how exactly does it help?

I've been holding online digi-crops for several years now, and I love how it allows me to help people no matter where they live.  The only catch is this:  you have to know what on earth a digi-crop is and how to participate.  So in this video I sit down and chat with you to explain what it is and how it works, plus answer questions I've gotten, too.  (spoiler:  Digi-Crops are free!)

Digi-Crops are my way of gifting you TIME!

So please join me at my next digi-crop from the comfort of your own pajamas!  Take advantage of this opportunity to put "work on my pictures and albums" on your calendar and then follow through to make something meaningful!  Memory-keeping can honestly change your life.


NeededInTheHome said...

This is a great idea to help those of us who have not tried to do a Digi-crop before. Thank you for the opportunity! #heartandsoullinkup

Jennifer Wise HM said...

You're so welcome! I'm happy to do it. It's fun AND helps us do what we mean to do. :) Hope you can make the next one--it would be great to have you. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting, too. :)

Flossie McCowald said...

This sounds like a lot of fun, Jennifer! I had never heard of a digi-crop before, but now I know what they are! :) #heartandsoullinkup

Jennifer Wise HM said...

It IS fun. It's a great time to get together with other people with the same goal AND set aside time on your calendar to take care of your photos and memories. :)