Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Cutest Chocolate Christmas Countdown Ever (tutorial + easy-button versions)

Today I made a simple Christmas advent calendar from Hershey Nuggets and Heritage Makers labels, and I'm quite convinced that it's the cutest thing EVER!  See if you don't agree.

Let me show you three ways to get it:  DIY, Simplified DIY, and the Easy Button way.

This is an adorable Christmas countdown that has the extra perks of being easy to make and being, you know, chocolate.  

Let's start with the Easy Button way of getting this cutest ever countdown, then move on to the two DIY methods.


This is so easy peasy.  I have four of these countdowns already made, so just {contact me} and let me know you'd like one.  Each countdown is $10 + shipping.

See?!  Easy!

Now let's look at the two DIY methods.  To make The Cutest Chocolate Christmas Countdown Ever, you'll need:
  • 27 Hershey Nuggets (flavor of your choosing)
  • 1 piece of cardboard about 8.5x11.  The size can vary, but it shouldn't be smaller than 6.5-7" wide and 10" tall.
  • wrapping paper to cover the cardboard
  • 1 set of Heritage Makers pre-designed address labels (as shown; stay tuned for how to get them)
  • double-sided tape


Step 1:  First, order the labels.  I created these Heritage Makers labels myself.  I LOVE that the digital art is free to use, and I love how creative you can be with Heritage Makers.  Bonus:  using the software is free, too, and so is a {Heritage Makers} account.   So grab a set of these pre-made labels from me for $4--just {contact me} and give me your mailing address and I'll get them on their way.  The labels will come blank as shown above.  There will be 27 green labels with white circles, 1 label with a star, and 1 label with presents on a wood ("tree trunk") style background.  While you're waiting for them arrive in the mail, gather the other items listed in the bullet points above.  

Step 2:  Next, number the labels in exactly this way.  It's important to label 1-5 SIDEWAYS.  You can see why in the photo below.  Then number 6-25 with the page portrait orientation as shown above.   There are 2 "oops" labels in case you need them, too.

Step 3:  Now just wrap the labels around your Hershey Nuggets.

This is pretty straightforward, but if you're having a hard time picturing it, I show you in less than a minute in this video--just start at 17:10 and end around 17:53 or so.

Step 4:  Wrap your cardboard piece in wrapping paper.  I personally prefer more neutral paper, but go with what you love.

This is obviously the back of the cardboard piece.

Step 5:  Place your wrapped Nuggets on the front of the cardboard piece, centering as you like.  Then use small pieces of double-sided tape to stick each of the chocolates on the board.

That's it!!  This whole project takes me about 15-20 minutes.  

Now, if you want to go full-on DIY, here's what you do.


Follow all 5 steps as described in the previous method, only order the labels from your own Heritage Makers account instead of from me already printed.  I can transfer the labels I've made to your account (and you can have access to them from year to year that way)!  You can edit the labels, too, if you'd like a different style or some type of personalization.  All you have to do is follow the basic idea shown in the video above.  

No matter your chosen method of getting this darling countdown for yourself or a family or a kiddo you know and love, you'll want to put it on an easel starting December 1!

  1. You may have noticed that there are 25 chocolates to eat as you count down to Christmas and two extras (the star and the tree trunk with the presents) that aren't technically a part of the countdown.  Those are for Mom to eat.  Just sayin'.  
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  1. I love this idea! Especially the part about including some extras for Mom!

  2. Ha! :) Thanks! I figured the extras for Mom would be pretty popular. ;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting, too. This is a really fun idea and was so easy to make.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is so adorable! Forget kids, I'm going to make this for Jordan and I haha. ;) #heartandsoullinkup

  4. LOL. No kidding, Shannon!! :) And if you make one that's not for kids, you can use dark chocolate, almond, or toffee Nuggets, too. I actually considered doing that so that --woops-- Mom has to eat them. ;) ha ha


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