Friday, October 2, 2015

I'm not a salesperson

"I'm just not a salesperson."

I've said it.  It's such a habit I still say it.  So what makes me think I can work in a direct-sales business for the last 10+ years?

Because I AM a salesperson.  We all are.
  • You ate at a great restaurant and posted about it on Facebook, telling your friends they HAD TO go try it.  Sold!
  • You read a great book and recommended it to a neighbor who ordered it from right away.  Sold!
  • You saw a new movie and called your sister to tell her she and her family would love it.  They see it the same weekend.  Sold!
  • You found a great service in your local community that you know moms would love so you tell your friends and they all start using it.  Sold!
  • You find a cost-effective, time-saving way to scrapbook your pictures.  You tell your friends about it and why you love it.  They're hooked.  Sold!
  • You start a social scrapbooking group to help you and those friends make time to work on your photo projects.  Your friends invite friends.  Sold!
What's the problem with all these sales?  Your friends are all happy.  So what's the problem?  You're not the one making money.  The restaurant is, the bookstore is, the movie theater is...

As a "non-salesperson" myself, I know from experience that all you have to do to have a successful, fun, enjoyable business is love what you're doing.  In truth, a salesperson is simply "one whose job involves promoting or selling commercial products." (   We naturally promote products and things that we enjoy and love 
So think about this:  You need a photo solution, and so does everyone you know.

How does no minimum sales requirement sound?  How does a one-time sign-up fee with no renewal sound?  Set your own hours and your own goals.  Your business, your way. 
You can have 1, 2, or 3 focuses as a consultant on Team Wise.*  You can become a Heritage Makers, Our Memories For Life, or Anthology by Lisa Bearnson consultant-distributor--or choose all three.  Which option would suit you best? 

Is digital scrapbooking (or simplified scrapbooking) your thing?  Become a Heritage Makers consultant.  Heritage Makers is the highest quality product on the market with a budget-friendly payment plan and complete flexibility in design.  It's a one-time $25 to sign up as a consultant, and this includes your website.  Or go big to jump start your business and get the Heritage Makers CEO Pak for $499 (which makes you CEO Qualified and eligible for bonuses), which includes:
  • Five Heritage Makers Idea Books
  • One Heritage Makers carry-all bag
  • Gold Club HM ("autoship" set up to renew the following month; being on Gold Club gives you a rank to earn highest commission)

Is traditional paper scrapbooking your thing?  Become an Our Memories For Life distributor. 
Started by Creative Memories co-founder Rhonda Anderson, Our Memories For Life offers paper collections, pens, tape runners, border makers, trimmers, coversets, journaling cards, etc.  It's a one-time $25 to sign up as a consultant, and this includes your website.  Or go big to jump start your business and get the Heritage Makers CEO Pak for $499 (see above).  You can use the 500 publishing points you get in this Pak to buy any Our Memories For Life products you like!  {See them here}

Is simplified, fast paper scrapbooking your thing?  Become an Anthology by Lisa Bearnson distributor.  Lisa Bearnson is well-known in the memory-keeping field (and is our Memory-Keeping Ambassador over all three of these lines).  Anthology is the first time she has designed a line of her own, and it's intended for the busy memory-keeper.  It's a one-time $25 to sign up as a consultant, and this includes your website.  Or go big to jump-start your business and get the Anthology CEO kit for $499 (which makes you CEO Qualified and eligible for bonuses), which includes:
  • Youngevity CEO Training Materials
  • Anthology CEO Layout Kit 
  • Anthology Make & Shake Card Kit 
  • Anthology Lemon Squeezy Pocket Scrapbooking Kit 
  • Youngevity Business Builder Kit
  • Anthology Red 6 x 8 Stamp Collector Album with ten 4 x 6 sheet protectors and tabbed cards
  • Anthology CEO Stamp Sets featuring two 4 x 6 stamp sets: Party Monster and Celebrate
  • Anthology Aqua 12 x 12 Album with five sheet protectors (color may be substituted)
  • Anthology Tropical Textured Cardstock Pack, 30 sheets (collection may be substituted)
  • Pillow Box Punch Board (may be substituted)
  • 125 Digital SVG Cut & Print Files featuring exclusive Anthology artwork (provided within 30 days of purchase)
  • Anthology Shoulder Bag

*Actually, you have many more than just the 3 options listed when you join my team.  You also have the option to represent any of the other lines of our parent company--it's a very diverse company focusing on wellness of body, mind, and soul.  You can see all the possibilities at  by clicking the "products" tab.

The process for signing up to become a consultant-distributor will depend on which line you are most interested in, so contact me and let me know (though you can represent as many lines as you want) and I'll get you going.  My contact information is in the "contact me" tab above in red.

Being a consultant or distributor never needs to feel like a sales position.  It just needs to be fun.  You just need to love what you're doing.  Join me and start making some money from something you love!

Monday, September 28, 2015

new Magical Moments (a.k.a. Disneyland) collection!

Heritage Makers releases NEW digital art collections EVERY MONTH!!  Look what we just got!

(I know it says "coming soon," but I waited to post it until it we already have it.)  

So there have been 3 sizes of books pre-designed for you!  We call those "templates."  Templates are still fully customizable, so if you want to move things around, add pages, remove a flower embellishment, etc., you can!

The three larger squares above show the front cover and a two-page layout.  The smaller square shows all of the items in the digital art collection which you can use to create your own book (ANY size) if you prefer DIY to using a template.

To use any of these templates, just go to and click "sign up" at the upper right to open your (free) Heritage Makers account.  To get the best price on these when you submit them for publishing, read about Club HM in the tab in red at the top of the page. 

It's the happiest day on earth!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

everything you should know about photos & scrapbooks

 I'm so excited!!  I was invited to write a guest post on a website called "Advice Sisters" in their lifestyle column, and my article went up today!  Please read and share!  EVERYONE needs to be inspired to do something meaningful with their photos!

(P.S.  I knew it would be edited, but I didn't see the final copy before editing, and there are several mistakes in the editing, so please overlook those.  Hopefully you're not as Type A about those as I am.)  :) 

Friday, September 18, 2015

creating a focal point on a page

The most important thing you can do when memory-keeping is to PRESERVE YOUR PHOTOS WITH THE MEMORIES AND STORIES BEHIND THEM.  Period.  That's the most important thing!

Some people like to add some artistic and creative touches when they preserve their photos and memories.  If that describes you, you will enjoy this article from Heritage Makers about creating a focal point on a page using what's called "the rule of thirds."

I've been scrapbooking as long as I can remember, but I've never really done anything with the Rule of Thirds and I thought this was a great article!  I hope you enjoy it.
You can {find the article right here.}  

 Are you a Heritage Maker yet, or are you still a Photo Keeper?  Move from just keeping or amassing photos to actually making heritage!  Open your free Heritage Makers account at and click the red tabs along the top of this page to learn about the best prices and what you get with Heritage Makers.  Don't forget to click the "contact me" tab!  I love to help people make heritage, and I've been doing it for 10+ years, so I can answer anything and give suggestions if you want them, too.  Happy Heritage Making!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

digital scrapbooking: or, how to scrapbook faster

 You have photos.  You have a lot of photos.

You know keeping them on your SD card or computer isn't the way to enjoy them because you never look at them there, and your children never look at them there, and you know that all it takes is one computer crash or one newfangled technological advancement to make your digital files harder to access.  (Hi.  Remember floppy drives?  Or are you too young?!)  You know it's wise to have your photos in two digital places as back-up and (and at least) one printed placeMaybe you even know from my previous posts that printed photos can last up to 200 years, and the effect of actually interacting with printed photos and the memories associated with them has been shown to increase happiness, confidence, and self-esteem. 

Just knowing this much is a step in the right direction!  But now you need a direction.  And you don't have all the time in the world.  Come on.  What you need to know is how to scrapbook faster.  All righty, then!  Let's do this.  Let's get a handle on the photos, let's get them published, and let's not spend an arm and a leg, shall we?

So, where do we start?  Here are 3 keys to scrapbooking faster.

Like most things, you don't usually "find time" to sort photos or scrapbook--you MAKE TIME.  I suggest calendaring it!  Set aside 15 minutes every day or a couple of hours once a week.  Put it on your calendar and keep that appointment with yourself like you would keep a dentist appointment or a piano lesson.  Even small spurts of time contribute to the big end goal.

TIP:  Team Up!  Work with a parent, child, or sibling.  Or find a friend in the same "I've got lots of photos and I need to do something with them" predicament and work together!  It makes it more fun, and it helps you keep your appointments. 

The best way to start is to organize.  Know what you're dealing with.  I personally suggest organizing chronologically.  It makes it easy to know what to do with a photo.  I personally have photo files on my computer by year and month.  So I have a folder called 2012, then inside that folder I have folders called "January 2012," "February 2012," and so on.  Then when you come across photos from Halloween 2012, you know right where they go.  More importantly, you'll be able to find them faster when you're putting them in your scrapbook later.

Even if you are working with older photos that need to be scanned, chronological organization is still good way to organize them.  You'll need to go through the additional step of scanning first, of course, but once they're scanned, organize them this way and they will be much easier to find and publish.  (If you need scanning information, click the "photo information" tab above in red.)  However, if you have a preferred way of organization that works for you, do that.  Doing what comes naturally to you will help you be more successful.

(photo credit:
It's also very important to not feel like you have to use every photo you take.  Digital is great because we can take lots of photos, but it can make scrapbooking feel very daunting because we end up with So. Many. Photos.  Choose your favorites.  Narrow down.  Don't feel bad about not using every photo.  There's no rule that says that just because you took it you have to save it or print it!  

TIP:  Don't get overwhelmed.  Just do one thing at a time and focus on that one thing while you're doing it.  Enjoy yourself.  Don't worry about what else you still have to do.  What they say about eating an elephant is true:  one bite at a time! 

Once your photos are all organized, you are ready to publish them so they can be enjoyed!  Digital scrapbooking removes the steps of printing the photos, buying paper, buying adhesive, buying stickers, buying pens, buying binders & sheet protectors, etc.  Digital scrapbooking is hand-in-glove with digital photos. 

IDEA #1  The VERY EASIEST way to publish your photos is by using a Heritage Makers template.  It's easy because the book is already created for you, and you just swap out the photos and text in the book for your own photos and text.  A template is, in my opinion, what makes Heritage Makers perfect for people who love scrapbooking as well as people who really don't.  And I've even made a video tutorial showing you how to use a template, which {you can watch here.}  Here are some examples of Heritage Makers templates:

(see the Washington, D.C. travel book template page by page:

(see the Valentine's Day book template page by page:

(see the cheerleading book template page by page:

The most wonderful thing about a Heritage Makers template is that it's completely editable.  100%!  That means if you don't like the embellishment, remove it; if your photo is vertical but the one in the book is horizontal, change it; if you need more pages, add them.  IT'S PERFECT.  You will get exactly what you want.  Period.

IDEA #2  Use a yearbook template (sometimes called "family yearbook").  It's a template as described above, but it's organized by month so that one book houses one year's worth of pictures.  This is what I would do if I had a lot of scrapbooking to do because it is just so slick--it's so well-organized that putting photos in would be a SNAP.  So fast!  Here are some examples of family yearbook templates.
 (see all the pages of this yearbook here:
(see all the pages of this yearbook here:

IDEA #3  You can always create your own pages (whether in books or in individual scrap pages) from scratch.  Heritage Makers gives you 100,000+ pieces of artwork to use (I sometimes refer to it as "all-you-can-eat art"!) and the highest quality product on the market with acid-free pages metal-stitched into a library binding (no glue here)!  

These are the same photos in a hardbound book (available in 7 sizes) and in individual scrap pages (available in 3 sizes).
I also have a video tutorial series called "Getting Started With HM" which {you can find right here} by scrolling down a little and clicking on #1.

TIP:  Focus on the photo and the memory associated with it.  Papers, backgrounds, and embellishments can make the finished product very beautiful and appealing, but they are always secondary to photos and their memories.  If you enjoy creating, go for it.  But if you don't, stick with simplicity.  A good scrapbook is valuable to you and your family not because it's full of cute, but because it's full of YOUR photos and memories.

So this is all well and good, but we weren't going to spend an arm and a leg, right?  Heritage Makers makes the highest quality product on the market affordable through a FREE program called Club HM.  You buy publishing points each month (you choose how many months) and deposit them in your account.  Because they don't expire for a year, you could pay for a $50 book by accruing publishing points over a couple of months.  For full details, see the tab above in red called "the very best price:  Club HM"

TIP:  I've found that working with others has great benefits.  We have more fun and get more done!  Hold Digi-Crop Girls' Nights or a similar type of activity--you just need computers and wifi.

These steps, suggestions, and tips make scrapbooking so much easier!!  I hope you will enjoy implementing them, and that you'll share these ideas, too.  I want everyone who takes photos to do something meaningful with them!  Digital scrapbooking can be your best friend.  If you don't preserve your memories, who else can?

If you're a paper-scrapbooking lover, there are two great options (one is even mostly done for you!) above in the "paper scrapbooking, too" tab in red.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

CRAFTING: Holiday Greetings & Perpetual Calendar Blocks

Back before Heritage Makers was born, I made some holiday/calendar blocks with some friends.  They were this cool design where four sides of a block had letters and you could spell out different greetings.  I've had them on a display shelf for about 15+ years!  I really like them, but I didn't do a fabulous job painting with stencils.  I realized about a year ago that I could probably just make the block "faces" with a Heritage Makers scrap page, cut them out, cover my bad paint job, and come out with a much cuter end product! 

That's when these blocks were born:
This is the full set.  I think they're so cute!!!  I'm going to show you how to make your very own set.  (I do sell them completed, as well, if you prefer.  My contact information is at the "contact me" tab in red above.)

They are 1 3/4" blocks painted an off-white.  I used to be able to find blocks like this at my local craft store, but I can't really find them any more, so I order them from, although there are other places, I'm sure.  Order with a friend and split the shipping!  :)  You will need 23 wooden 1 3/4" blocks for this set.

You will need to order the scrap pages I designed, too.   Here's what the scrap pages look like:

Email me at and just tell me you want the Holiday Greetings & Perpetual Calendar Blocks scrap pages, and I'll send them to your Heritage Makers account.  (Don't have one?  It's free.  Get one at

The project is three 12x12 scrap pages.  You can chose the "lite" option for thinner paper, which is a little cheaper, or just stick with the regular thick scrap pages--I don't think it matters for this project.  Either way, I suggest adding the UV coating to the pages (which is free if you're in Club HM, which you want to be anyway to get the best prices--see Club HM tab above).

All the directions you need are on the scrap pages.  You'll just cut out the little squares and stick them on the corresponding blocks, and you're done!  I actually use permanent double-sided tape for this, but you could use spray adhesive or a Xyron or whatever you like best.

And then you get cuteness like this, all year long:

...And wouldn't this set make a darling gift??

(Only 113 days left until Christmas!)   :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

our brains crave storytelling

I recently read an article called "Why Our Brains Crave Storytelling In Marketing."  It begins by talking about cereal, but because the article is about STORY you can probably imagine how much of it leaped off the page at me.  I mean, my job is about storytelling!  My job is to encourage and teach people to publish their photos WITH THEIR STORIES, and give people an avenue to do it.  We take every photo for a reason.  That reason is the story behind the photo, the memory.  When we get our photos out of digital form so that we can actually interact with them, something truly magical happens.  Connections are made.  Memories become stronger.  {Recalling happy moments actually improves happiness in the present.}

The author of this storytelling article, Rachel Gillette, points out that numerous studies over the years have shown that our brains react better to storytelling, to connections, than plain old facts.  Our brains want a connection.  She wrote, "When reading straight data, only the language parts of our brains work to decode the meaning. But when we read a story, not only do the language parts of our brains light up, but any other part of the brain that we would use if we were actually experiencing what we’re reading about becomes activated as well."

Talk about PRESERVING MEMORIES!!  I find this fascinating, but I mostly find myself wanting to BEG everyone who owns a camera to please, please get those photos out of digital form.  Store them that way, sure, but publish them to love them and to share them and let other people love them.  And when you do publish them, TELL THEIR STORIES.  Please, please, tell their stories.  If you don't, the events just won't be remembered in the same way, and maybe not at all. 

This graphic from Ms. Gillette's article is geared toward marketing, but as you look it over, see how much of it translates to photos and their memories, to scrapbooking, to journaling.  It's very interesting!

Publish your photos with their stories.  Your storytelling doesn't have to be perfect.  You don't need to be an author or a poet.  You just need to record memories.  What made this moment funny or happy or sad or interesting?  What happened right before you took the photo?  What happened right after?  Who is in the photo?  Where are you?  What's the date?  Why will you love this picture 10 years from now?  Think about who will be loving it 50 years from now.  Write to them.  It will make a bigger difference than you can imagine.

Monday, August 24, 2015

the launch of the Anthology by Lisa Bearnson line

I think the only thing I am more passionate about than the ease, beauty, and quality of publishing your photos (for scrapbookers and non-scrapbookers alike) with Heritage Makers is just doing *something* with your photos and their stories so they can be preserved.
That's why I'm excited about this new product line, Anthology by Lisa Bearnson.  If you missed it, {I introduced it here}.  Some people prefer tactile scrapbooking to digital, so I'm happy to be able to offer this line, created with busy folks in mind.  And today I'm excited to announce that this line launches tomorrow!!

I will keep my Anthology Pinterest board updated with all the latest and greatest, so check it out here, and definitely "follow" it if you're on Pinterest:

But today I want to show you the CEO Kit.  It's beautiful!!  People who love paper scrapbooking and paper crafting are going to LOVE this kit.
The CEO Kit is for anyone who wants to be an Anthology distributor.  (By the way, there is no minimum sales requirement--my favorite thing!!  Make your business whatever you want!)  Along with everything in the kit, you get a website where people can purchase Anthology products, and you'll get commissions on every purchase.  The Anthology CEO Kit includes:
  • Anthology CEO Layout Kit
  • Anthology Make & Shake Card Kit
  • Anthology Lemon Squeezy Pocket Scrapbooking Kit
  • Business Builder Kit (by Youngevity, our parent company)
  • Anthology Red 6 x 8 Stamp Collector Album with ten 4 x 6 sheet protectors and tabbed cards
  • Anthology CEO Stamp Sets featuring two 4 x 6 stamp sets: Party Monster and Celebrate
  • Anthology Aqua 12 x 12 Album with five sheet protectors*
  • Anthology Tropical Textured Cardstock Pack, 30 sheets*
  • 1-2-3 Punch Board
  • 125 Digital SVG Cut & Print Files featuring exclusive Anthology artwork (provided within 30 days of purchase)
  •  Anthology Shoulder Bag
  • CEO Training Materials  (Buying this kit to start your business makes you CEO Qualified, which qualifies you for bonuses, etc.)
There's a lot of great stuff in this Kit, and some of it is only available in the CEO Kit.  The Make & Shake Card Kit is one of the CEO-exclusive things, and I just *love* it.  How cute is this?!
Okay, one more!  Look at this cute CEO-exclusive stamp set:

To request information for how to sign up as an Anthology Distributor and get this beautiful $499 CEO Kit to get going with your business, just contact me.  (My contact information is at the "contact me" tab in red at the top of this page.)  To sign up as an Anthology Distributor without the CEO Kit, it's just $25 for your website.  There's no renewal fee. 
You certainly don't have to be a distributor to buy Anthology products.  There are staples that are available all the time, and new kits each month (while supplies last), plus card kits, stamp sets, and more.  Contact me for details and ordering information.  Here are just a few of your beautiful options. 
Anthology by Lisa Bearnson is going to quickly become the sweetheart of paper scrapbookers and paper crafters everywhere!