Monday, November 3, 2014

All About Heritage Makers 2015

This is the latest and greatest--everything you want to know about Heritage Makers.  I made a similar video several months ago, but this one has the updated Club HM information.  Club HM was streamlined in October 2014, making it much clearer to understand with the addition of wholesale pricing and Club discounts being taken at checkout now.  Plus, prices come out a tad cheaper, too!  Watch this video for everything you want to know about Heritage Makers, but be sure to skip 39:15-40:15 where I had some technical difficulties.  :)  I only spend a short time in this video on the actual how-to of making a book because I've already recorded some more thorough tutorial videos called Getting Started With HM.  There are four of those, so if you want to see what all the fun buttons in Studio do, and how to simplify some things as you're creating pages, you can find those on my YouTube channel also!  Happy Heritage MAKING.  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

new pop-out cards!!

I am in love with this new product!!  I've actually imagined something like this before, but this is AWESOME!
So it's an invitation-style card (just a front and back--doesn't open) and the middle pops out to become an ornament!!  I've seen several templates with family photos right there in the middle.  How darn cute is that??  These come in packs of 12.  Be sure you're a Club HM member (free to join) for the best savings! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Club 101 UPDATED for 2015

I posted the basics of Club HM a few months ago, but Club HM was *streamlined* in October 2014, so this is an updated version of Club HM 101.  It's everything you need to know about Heritage Makers pricing and how to get the BEST DEAL on high-quality Heritage Makers products! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

using a Heritage Makers template VIDEO TUTORIAL

Templates are pre-designed yet still 100% customizable, with over 11,000
to choose from! Perfect if you need to do a book/project quickly or if
you just don't enjoy designing. Watch this video to learn how easy it
is to use a Heritage Makers template! If you don't already have a Heritage Makers account, you can open one (they're free!)  at by clicking "sign up".

Thursday, August 28, 2014

how to make a Heritage Makers canvas (tutorial)

I just recorded a little demo about making a Heritage Makers canvas.  It's really simple, and the results are gorgeous and very high-quality!  (The video tutorial here is 20 minutes long, but I do some explaining first--it really takes about 5 minutes to make a canvas!)  There are a few things that are different when you make a canvas in Heritage Makers than, say, a scrapbook page or a page in a book (namely, the wrap-around part of the canvas), so that's why I've dedicated a tutorial specifically to canvases.

For more details about using Heritage Makers' Studio (the program where you create all your goodies!), see the Getting Started With HM tutorials on my Youtube channel.  The one called "One-of-a-Kind Valentine Gift tutorial" is also a very basic walk-through of making something in Heritage Makers--I made a greeting card. 

Enjoy this little demo about canvases!  And please share!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's time!! Be a Heritage MAKER!

What are you waiting for?!?  Get started using Heritage Makers!! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the purpose of Heritage Makers!

This is so true.  Taking photos and then doing nothing with them actually disconnects us from the memories that we wanted to preserve when we took the photos!!

If organizing your photos is overwhelming, let me help!  Getting a handle on them is the first step to doing something with them.  Once they're organized, they're ready to slide into beautiful Heritage Makers templates (or create your own design!!) where you can also tell the stories that belong to your photos.  This is the INTERACTION with photos that's quoted above.  (And I can help with that, too!!)

The whole idea behind Heritage Makers is to preserve HERITAGE and get it into the hands of your family, which is where it belongs.  You can't choose anything better to do with your time (or money) than preserving your own memories, the traditions of your family, and your heritage!

Monday, April 28, 2014

NEW line of traditional scrapbooking

So many of my clients have been drawn to Heritage Makers due to its phenomenal digital ability.  They like the ease of the digital system, being able to resize photos to fit on a page, being able to work on something a few minutes here and there, being able to publish multiple copies, the tremendous amount of artwork available, the quality, only needing a computer and an internet connection as "supplies," etc.

But some people enjoy the tactile experience of traditional scrapbooking.  And now Heritage Makers has the best of both worlds!!  Heritage Makers has a new traditional scrapbooking product line called Our Memories For Life.

Our Memories For Life came about after Creative Memories co-founder Rhonda Anderson left Creative Memories a few months ago and became a Heritage Makers consultant.  (Creative Memories had undergone 2 bankruptcies and re-emerged most recently as "Ahni & Zoe.")  You can read about that and Rhonda's departure from CM and arrival at HM here:

Rhonda worked with Heritage Makers' parent company, Youngevity, and several of our TALENTED Heritage Makers design team to create this new traditional scrapbooking line, Our Memories For Life.  It is brand new, but I have several traditional scrapbooking friends who used to love Creative Memories who are SO thrilled about this new line!!  I watched the "sneak peek" video we Heritage Makers consultants were privy to before the announcement of this new line, and I think all traditional scrapbookers will enjoy the beautiful, high quality products, but I think that Creative Memories lovers will feel like they are coming home.

You can read about Our Memories For Life and even download a brochure showing all the papers now available here (you'll have to scroll down a little)

More beautiful papers coming soon!  And great news for Heritage Makers digital scrapbooking lovers--all these pages are going to be available in Studio, too!!

You can order any of the Our Memories For Life products at my Youngevity website,  Just click "I Want to Shop" and then scroll down through the list of Youngevity brands until you find "Our Memories For Life."  Keep in mind that the WHOLESALE price is available to consultants (and it's just $10 to be a consultant, then you run your business your way with no minimum sales requirements), and the RETAIL price is the client price.**

**The link to order on my Heritage Makers website is coming soon, but for now it's only found here.  If you use Heritage Makers Publishing Points to purchase your items, you save 25-34% OFF RETAIL!!  Publishing Points can be purchased in bulk quantities and used for any item you want; you buy Publishing Points as a member of Club HM, which has no fee to join.  Read more about Club HM at the red tab above.