Friday, October 5, 2018

#friyay -- Why You'll Love Heritage Makers

I can't believe this year's #friyay feature is wrapping up!  On the first Friday of each month during 2018, we've heard from Heritage Makers users to find out what they love about it.

This month we hear from Cindy, a gal who found me through an online search.  She had started a Heritage Makers book as a gift for her husband but ended up hiring me to finish it up for her.  It was fun to be able to provide that service for her and see how thrilled she was with the finished product.

We also hear from Dina who has probably made as many Heritage Makers projects as I have (and that's saying a lot).  I loved seeing the book she made about her Grandma after she passed away.  It's a priceless treasure!  She has her beautiful Heritage Makers canvases, prints, and books scattered throughout her home.

Create your own heritage home at the "how to get started" tab along the top (at the right).

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