Thursday, October 18, 2018

Unique Christmas Card Ideas (and an Invitation to My Annual Online Card Party)

If you want to step up your Christmas card greetings a little this year and go beyond the usual family picture inside a store-bought card, do I have a treat for you!  Yes, there are lots of online companies where you can choose a template and print up your Christmas greetings, but if you'd really like to stand out, Heritage Makers is it.

I've been creating Heritage Makers Christmas cards for at least 10 years, I think, and one of my favorite things is that I can be SO creative with it!  My cards aren't always cards.  I mean, yes, you can create ultra-personal greeting cards with Heritage Makers, but you can do so much more!  One year I made regular cards and then made notepads to match so I could add a personal note in with some of the cards.  This year I'm going to be creating what I call "Christmas news on a notepad" using Heritage Makers 5.5x8.5 notepads!  (My Christmas letters will come to 19 cents that way and be full-color, professionally printed.  Can't beat that!)

Would you like a sneak peek?  I normally make my Christmas greetings at my Enjoy December Card Party in November (keep reading to find out what it is and how you can join me), but I got so excited about this Christmas News on a Notepad idea that I have already designed it.  If you can keep a secret, here's my greeting this year--well, one of them.
This is just a screen shot, so you see the cut marks and guiding lines
from Heritage Makers' editor, Studio.  They won't show on my printed
notepads.  And neither will the "blued-out" names.  ;)

For me, cost and quality are a big deal, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how creative you can be with any Heritage Makers product.  Everything, from cards to letters to what I'm about to show you, is truly personal and unique.

As if that Christmas News on a Notepad weren't clever enough, I'm making one other thing for my Christmas greetings this year.  I call it an "add-in."  It's basically just something small to throw in the card/letter.  Almost like a tiny gift.

My add-in this year is going to be a recipe for my favorite gingerbread cookies!  I'll be making it at the Enjoy December Card Party in a few weeks, so you'll have to use your imagination for now.  For this project, I'll use the playing card deck, creating the same card 54 times.  (You can add cards individually, too, so I can get just the right amount for my Christmas card list of 112.)  On the cards I'll type up the recipe--similar to these that I made for another purpose last year:

Only I'll use the gingerbread digital art collection like someone used for these cute bookmarks made from a 12x12 Heritage Makers scrap page.

So if you can envision a combination of the playing card deck and the gingerbread digital art, you've got the idea.  That's what's going to be the fun surprise gift inside my Christmas cards/letter this year.

UPDATE:  Here's my finished project!  I love how they turned out.  I hope my friends enjoy my favorite soft gingerbread cookie recipe.  :)

By the way, you don't buy digital art with Heritage Makers!  Everything you see in this post is using Heritage Makers digital art (except the top header and bottom Pinterest graphic).  And I don't download it or pay one cent to use it.  It's pretty darn awesome.

Here's one more fun add-in idea using a playing card deck--these are mini lay-flat nativities!  I haven't submitted them for printing with Heritage Makers yet, so you'll have to use your imagination again.  This image below is just a screen shot of the preview.  The playing cards will look like the photo above, but the backs will have that Bethlehem scene you see at the left.

This little nativity scene will be three cards tied together with ribbon.  They'll stand up like a little triptych.  The shepherds will be at the left, the stable scene in the center, and the wise men at the right.  And, of course, these are playing card size so it will be a small nativity.  And it stores flat, so it hardly takes up any room.

UPDATE:  I got these back in the mail yesterday and created them in no time!  I love how they turned out.

I actually have few individual sets for purchase for $3.50 over at my {Crafts with Heritage Makers Shop}.  OR if you would like to create your own sets, I can actually transfer this Mini Lay-Flat Nativity Playing Card Deck I created from my Heritage Makers account to yours!!  (Another Heritage Makers bonus.)  Just {contact me}.  Then you can submit the deck for publishing with Heritage Makers and put these little sets together on your own.  One deck makes 18 sets.

Now isn't all this CREATIVE, CLEVER, AND UNFORGETTABLE?  What amazing Christmas greetings (or gifts) would you like to make?

You can always create on your own following {these steps}, but I'd love to have you join me at my Enjoy December Card Party to make it extra fun.  I hold this event every year online during the first week or two of November so we can get our cards DONE and then enjoy December!  They'll take about 7-10 days to be professionally printed at Heritage Makers then shipped to your door, so I always get them before Thanksgiving.  Which rocks.  (Or you can always choose the direct ship option, if you prefer.  Don't even lick an envelope!)

So join me for my "Enjoy December" Card Party!  It's a public Facebook event, and you'll find lots of card/greetings ideas and video tutorials there.  Trust me--there's some cool stuff posted over there already.  And there's information on how this (free) online party works, too.  You can check it out from now through November 8, then set aside an hour or so of your choosing on November 9 to show up at the Facebook party and make your gorgeous, clever, Heritage Makers-made Christmas cards, letters, or recipe card "add-in" gifts like mine!  Join the event right here:

Once you've joined the event, you'll want to be ready to use Heritage Makers by November 9, so if you don't already have a (free) account,  just follow {the basic steps here}.  There are also some videos at that link so you can familiarize yourself with the Heritage Makers program, Studio, if you want.  It's a drag-and-drop system, much like Canva, and all Heritage Makers products are top-notch.  Let me know if you have questions, too.  My contact information is at the top of this blog in the "about me/contact me" tab.

Join the Facebook party, then share this post with everyone you know who is looking for unique Christmas greetings this year!

I can't wait for the Card Party!  It's my favorite way to ENJOY DECEMBER!

If you want to be invited to the Card Party next year, too, {join my Facebook group}.

NOTE:  I do hire out to make any Heritage Makers project, so if you'd like me to do the creating for you, contact me ASAP.  Details are {here}.  Keep in mind that the last day I will make Christmas projects is Dec. 1.
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  1. this looks like lots of fun , I have been involved in christmas card exchange parties before thanks for sharing all the great information will be checking this out. Come see us at

  2. Thanks, Angie! It really is fun. It's great to save a date and then create and share with others. Looking forward to "seeing" you at my Card Party! :)


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