Thursday, October 4, 2018

11 Reasons Preserving Your Photos is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do

I recently came across some meaningful words about memory-keeping that I think could be summarized as "11 Reasons Preserving Your Photos is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do."  This statement was shared by Rhonda Anderson, the retired co-founder of Creative Memories, and now the founder of Heritage Makers' sister company, {Our Memories For Life}.  This is the very real experience of Tiffany A. Parker.

Before I share her words of wisdom, I have to say that the question Tiffany answers, "Why do you scrapbook?  Don't you know eventually it will be thrown away?" is something I've never heard before.  I was actually quite stunned (maybe even horrified) to think that anyone would ever consider throwing a scrapbook away.  I'm a really quiet, non-confrontational person, but I'd fist-fight somebody over this!  ;)  Scrapbooks are some of the most precious things you will ever own--for all the reasons Tiffany mentions.

And please be sure when you read her words of wisdom that your definition of "scrapbooking" is broad enough to include all memory-keeping, whether digital, paper/traditional, or simply putting photos and their stories in store-bought albums.  In fact, {here are four excellent options}, each one different from the other, all with the same meaningful end result.

Here are 11 reasons preserving your photos is one of the most important things you can do.

"I've been asked a million times:  'Why do you scrapbook? 
Don't you know eventually it will be thrown away?'
Well, I finally have an answer:
I scrapbook because people break into houses and steal flash drives with your whole 10 year relationship on them.
I scrapbook because computers crash.
I scrapbook because technology fails.
I scrapbook because flash drives can get lost.
I scrapbook because life is precious.
I scrapbook because sometimes you lose an important person and a picture is all you have left to hold.
I scrapbook to remember.
I scrapbook to preserve stories that my brain doesn't think are important, when my heart knows they are.
I scrapbook so I can introduce my future children to someone they may never have gotten to meet, or can't remember, that loved them so deeply.
I scrapbook to help focus on the positive when the depression and PTSD start their lies again.
I scrapbook so that during the worst parts of my life I can look back on the best.
So the next time someone belittles, degrades, or find fault in your "waste-of-money," "silly," or "pointless" hobby, tell them why you scrapbook.
Because these albums are the only pictures that remain of my entire marriage, the only pictures of grandma, the only graduation photo that I have, and the only thing so "worthless" the robbers didn't steal-- that meant everything to me."
-Tiffany A. Parker



  1. I love scrapbooking and actually regret that I have started moving away from scrapping every little thing.. such fond memories to look back on..

  2. It really is an amazing!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Absolutely. And I feel the same way--preserving the little things really gives us something cherished to always look back on. Thanks for the great comment.


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