Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Secrets to Staying Caught Up Preserving My Pictures

When I tell people I'm pretty consistently caught up on preserving my pictures, their reactions are usually a mix of surprise and jealousy.  My real goal for a reaction, though, is hope.  I want people to feel hopeful.  Not being behind on your photos (i.e. not having them gathering virtual dust on your hard drive or phone) IS DO-ABLE!  It is attainable.

Given the number of photos we take and the general {lack of time} we have, there are some tricks to learn if you want to stay caught up preserving your photos.  And you do--trust me--because {it's so good for you}, not to mention for kids and families as a whole.

The common "I'm so behind on my photos" complaint prompted me to write a series of articles for a blog I am a contributor for.  I thought, "Why not share my own tips and strategies?  Why not share exactly what I do?"  The series ran in September, and I would like to share them with you today.

You can find the links to each of my articles below.  I hope they will be helpful.  I want them to give you HOPE as well as actual TOOLS so that you can join me in the minority of people who have actual photo albums and books and pages to show instead of empty hands full of good intentions.

{How I Stay Caught Up Preserving My Pictures and Memories}
{Staying Caught Up, Part 1:  Organizing My Photos (with video)}
{Staying Caught Up, Part 2:  Using Something Addictive (with video)}
{Staying Caught Up, Part 3:  What Works For Me (with video)}
{Why I Stay Caught Up Preserving My Pictures and Memories}



  1. This was a great series - and it did offer a lot of hope for those of us who are so far behind! Prioritize! Thanks Jennifer!

    1. Thank you so much, Lori. I'm glad it was helpful and HOPEFUL! Thanks for reading.

  2. I need to explore this topic as I have many photos from my mother that I have to sort and preserve in a better format.

  3. Those are such important photos to preserve, too! I really think photos are magic the way they bring someone gone back to our memories at once. I hope these posts give you some good ideas for preserving the photos from your mom. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!


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